Fractional Marketing



Hired to re-position brand strategy, develop business strategy moving forward, as well as create and execute a marketing plan.  Access to Psychiatry through Intermediate Care (APIC) is a nationally recognized organization providing mobile patient-centered and outcome-oriented care in the neuro-behavioral health space.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Business Planning

  • Content Marketing

  • Earned Meida/PR

  • Annual Strategic Marcomm Planning


Hired to revamp the foundation of the organization’s strategy.  The company had started previously with the sole focus of providing for its patients in the healthcare space, primarily as a mobile business unit, but had not yet truly defined what that meant for themselves, the mission or their audience at large.  Building a brand strategy that allowed for foundational language to be built and leveraged for consistent communication allowed for more direct and thorough contact with their disparate audiences.  It also created clarity around their mission  to lesson confusion and increase brand awareness and understanding.

Project Details

Since the relationships inception, the following has been accomplished and continues to be worked on:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Build and Execution
  • Website Development
  • Manage Social Media Platforms
  • Established, Produce and Manage a Video Series
  • Sounding Board for Business Strategy
  • Press Releases as Needed


APIC had started in 2014 as an idea to serve an under-served community in the neurobehavioral space, and bring our passion and prowess to a mobile healthcare team structure.  While funded by major local partners, we recognized after a few years that we had great stories to tell, but not a strategic way in which to tell them.  We engaged True Colors Strategy to help us do that.

In the time we have worked with Sarah, we have built a brand strategy, have consistent brand language, an optimized business plan foundation and built a cohesive marketing plan that she then executes.  Her ability to quickly learn the healthcare space when she hadn’t previously worked in it has been incredibly helpful, and her general business acumen and strategy has added another dimension to the vision and success of our program.  As a mobile healthcare team, and practitioners with additional roles and responsibilities, APIC as an entity has to make a lot of pivots, especially in the last year, and having the foundation that Sarah helped us build, as well as her supporting as a functional resource has made it easier for us to focus on the work and true mission of the company.

~ Dr. Michael R. Cummings, Medical Director, APIC

~ Janell Van Cleve, Clinical Director, APIC