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True Colors Strategy began as a way to help small to medium sized companies who don’t need full time marketing or can’t afford a senior-level marketing executive, achieve their strategic goals.  It has evolved beyond “marketing consulting” and is a paradigm shift in the marketing world – a fractional resource – to provide those services; a CMO For Hire that can increase your bench strength and bottom line.

Chief Visionary Officer

Owner, Chief Visionary Officer

I am a strategic marketing executive with experience in multiple industries and functions. My passion is leveraging my corporate, nonprofit and advertising background to help you devise appropriate strategies for your target audiences and then incorporate language that clearly communicates who you are and what you are, as well as who you aren’t and what you aren’t. Through this process I endeavor to help discover your value proposition that allows you to find your true colors.

About the Owner:

Sarah started True Colors Strategy with the intent to help companies on their terms and leverage her unique and varied background for their benefit.  She graduated as a 3-2 student from the University of Rochester and Simon School of Business with her MBA in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Brand Management and her BA in Psychology.  With over 13 years of experience as a strategic branding and marketing leader she has helped a number of companies, including her employers, craft their strategic vision relative to marketing strategy, communication plans, audience identification and asset development.  She has pioneered several roles and developed structure where none had existed; she is comfortable in nebulous roles and enjoys identifying challenges and creating solutions.

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