Wanderlux Collection



Born from decades of immersive travel experiences and supplier industry knowledge, Wanderlux Collection showcases independently-owned, luxury properties from all corners of the world. We celebrate each property’s unique story, engaging personality and vibrant spirit as we grow their presence and success within the U.S. travel advisor network.
  • Content Calendar Development

  • Social Media Asset Development & Execution

  • Newsletter Development & Execution


Hired to provide strategic social media support to a growing luxury travel business acting as a Hotel Representation Company.  This amazing brand has a curated collection of luxury boutique hotels overseas that they represent to luxury travel advisors in North America.  With properties in France, Portugal, Greece and the Maldives, the needs and audiences are diverse.  Also, focusing on supporting those that specifically cater to the luxury travel market is a nuance that had to be included.  As they continue to grow their footprint, so do the needs for appropriate targeting and navigation.

Project Details

Working with the Chief Wanderer, we set out goals and identified what her original needs of support were, vs. what we have grown to now.  She has also expanded to having an Executive Wanderer on the team that I work with on different aspects of the company.  Together, we build out the marketing plan that works for them and their clients, on both the Hotel Representation side as well as the Luxury Travel Advisor side, and I help them meet their quarterly and annual goals.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Build and Execution
  • Manage Social Media Platforms
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Build and Execution
  • Overall Marketing Plan and Recommendations
  • Sounding Board for Business Strategy
  • Brand Representative in the Field


Shortly after our launch we realized we were marketing and social media neophytes.  In January 2019 we enlisted the services of Sarah, founder of True Colors Strategy.

During the onboarding/in-take process, Sarah reviewed our business plan, had in-depth discussions on what made Wanderlux Collection different than our competition, and what we wanted to accomplish.  Within a week, Sarah presented to us a multifaceted social media marketing plan (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn).  More importantly she explained the why behind every part of the plan.  Fast forward to March 2021, our social media targeted reach has been nothing short of remarkable.  We did not want to have 10,000 people followers and only a handful be luxury travel advisors and travel agencies.  Our initial goal was 100 targeted followers, we now have over 600 followers on Instagram and hundreds more on Facebook.

As with any partnership, transparent communication is of the utmost importance.  Sarah is vital to our continued success and is an active participant in our quarterly strategy sessions by providing proactive plans to stay ahead of the competition.  Sarah always provides a well thought out strategic stated point of view. 

From Wanderlux Collection’s humble beginning, we currently represent 16 luxury hotels and resorts in France, Portugal, Greece, and the Maldives.  This growth is thanks in part to marketing and social media edge we have over our competition, namely Sarah.”

~Angelique Johns, Chief Wanderer & David Johns, Executive Wanderer