Brand Strategy, Business Plan, Marketing Plan – Oh My!

Apart from having to explain what a fractional marketer is and does – the next most often asked question is, what’s the different between *all of the things*, usually accompanied by some wildly flailing hand gestures to indicate “all”.

Following last month’s K.I.S.S. model, I will be brief…

One does not exist without the other.  If you try to go for the “pretty” that everyone will experience before you’ve built any substance, how and what will you be communicating?  If you try to build the “walls and floors” and what you will accomplish before you have an overall foundation/brand strategy in place, on what will the plan exist and stay consistent?  If you don’t have the cornerstone built, you may have a short-term win, but ultimately, the wolf will be able to blow your house down.

Whether you are a new company that needs to build from the ground up, or an existing one that should have the foundation checked for cracks and consistency, if you don’t start from the bottom and build up, you will not have sustainable success.

Check your foundation, monitor your walls and floors, and let the décor do the talking on what and how your customers/clients experience you.

Stay tuned for more from TCS next month!

Sarah Heximer, Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

True Colors Strategy