The Elephant

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The Elephant Recently, I gave a seminar on digital marketing.  I started with an image of an elephant, which left people confused until I said I wanted to discuss the proverbial [...]


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Pause & Reflect This month’s “blog” isn’t a blog at all, but a query.  Each of you is a master in your own right, and I’m curious, on the heels of [...]


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Gratitude & Announcement “ 4 is centered around solid foundations, practicality, organization, and welcoming more positive action into our daily lives.” When I started this journey 4 years ago, I truly [...]


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KISS Method 5 Reasons "WHY" You Need a Fractional Marketer Following the K.I.S.S. method this month, I’m covering one topic – WHY. Whether you’ve been asked by others “why fractional marketing” [...]

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