Disruptor or Disrupted?

“You can be the disruptor or the disrupted.  Which do you prefer?”

While attending the NGA, there was a talk about consumer trends and where things are headed.  The unequivocal thread was that nothing is as it was or will remain the same.  Nothing new.  We continue to be in a series of shifting chaos depending on the day and we are all chickens running around with our heads cut off.  Some of us still managing to point upwards and cry, “the sky is falling!”

However, in the sea of sameness of conversations, the above quote cut its way through and truly resonated with me.  As a self-proclaimed change agent and paradigm shifter, disruption is a fast follow, if not the leader of both ideals.  With everyone seemingly raising their heads to the sky and crying out the same thing, how are you going to chose to react, and what are you going to do to make a difference?

Nothing is as it was, nor will it be again.  I’m ok with that.  I love change!  Not for the sake of it, it needs to be strategic and intentional, but it always provides opportunity.  So when you look at your current situation as it stands, personal, professional or all of the above…look at the options, disruptor or disrupted, and ask yourself – which do you prefer?  Most of us would prefer to do the disrupting, but then ask yourself another question – are you?

Shifting times call for pivots.  Uncertain times call for uncertain measures.  What has worked before may not any more…and that’s ok.  Find what does.  Disrupt the status quo.  You might surprise yourself, and others, and find efficiencies you never knew existed!


Stay tuned for more from TCS next month!

Sarah Heximer, Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

True Colors Strategy