Uncertain times.  Uncertain measures.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

~Albus Dumbledore

From one of the most widely read children’s book series, who knew a character wrought with such wisdom in the wizarding world would so accurately predict what we need today?

We continue to live and work in nebulous times.  I myself, have always thrived in grey.  Perhaps it’s why my wardrobe tends to reflect that most achromatic of colors.  If I’m not wearing purple, I will be wearing some amalgamation of grey tones.  I find change to be a welcome cloak of warmth and become wary of anything that is too permanent.  I define myself as a change agent.

That said, what we as a population are dealing with is truly unprecedented.  It is not only nebulous, but distinctly unknown.  How can we as people determine what the next best step is for ourselves and our families, let alone our businesses?  Where do we stand steadfast and where do we allow some fluidity?

Enter strategy.  Enter new ways of thinking.

At its core, your strategy should be your guide through uncertain times.  (I’ve talked about how important it is as your foundation!)  It should provide just enough information to be your true north, but allow for flexibility in how you get to your destination – permitting you to get creative along the way.  Said another way, the method(s) to the madness may change, but the goal remains the same.

Getting creative with the tools that you use is where fractional resources can help!  (I’ve also previously written about their importance.)  Perhaps, you have to bolster your team or insert strategic leadership temporarily…fractional resources are the perfect way in which to do that, assisting your business and vision, without (over)committing dollars for the long-haul.  Whether it is a fractional CFO to help guide you through this storm, a fractional HR professional to help you determine the best way to structure your organization in times of change, or even fractional marketing to help with resetting strategy or developing strategic communications – these resources can provide invaluable insight for the short-term that will have lasting impact; talent the likes of which you would not otherwise have time or money to hire full-time, and at a fraction of the time and cost of hiring an FTE.

Pure. Work. Product.

There will be a time when the seas will settle and we will be able to get back to a “business as usual” status quo.  What that will look like is anyone’s best guess, however one thing is for certain in uncertain times – “All storms pass, it’s how you whether them that matters.” ~Jimmy Chin, The North Face Athlete.

So maybe in uncertain times, it’s ok to explore uncertain measures.  They may be just the things you were unwittingly searching for to breakthrough to success.

Stay tuned for more from TCS next month!

Sarah Heximer, Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

True Colors Strategy