I just had a bit of an epiphany as I was creating my content for the month.  While working on some relevant hashtags for the posts, I started using a newer term in conjunction with an older one, and then I heard a voice in my head put them together.

Potential schizophrenia diagnoses aside, I have come to listen and rely on that voice, as it has, most times, given me sparks of inspiration unlike any other (True Colors Strategy, anyone?).  I don’t claim this phrasing will ultimately change the world, but as I continue to have to educate people about the importance of fractional marketing, perhaps it is a turn of phrase that will take this:

I am a fractional marketer.  A paradigm shift and disruptor to the traditional approach of marketing.  I work as an extension of your team, understanding challenges, building solutions, and devising execution strategies…without being an FTE on your bottom line.

…and turn it into this…

Fractional Marketing is Functional Marketing

There are plenty of nuggets of truth (as I call them), that I could share to enhance this, but it seems to stand on its own.  Fractional marketing is functional marketing, in the sense that you are literally paying for pure work product that functions within your business as a cost-effective asset/investment.

So, my challenge to you is this.  What epiphany have you had, or voice in your head, that has helped you along the way, and given you inspiration for telling your story more succinctly?  In today’s content marketing world, narrative is everything, especially if you can do so in a quick and efficient manner that requires little explanation for those with an attention span less than a fish.  Think about it, and let me know!  I’m always fascinated by where the next idea comes from and how seemingly out of nowhere it can be!

Stay tuned for more from TCS next month!

Sarah Heximer, Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

True Colors Strategy