Work is mounting…and so are the needs!

As the locating and hiring of qualified talent for different roles continues to evolve in this unknown economy, many businesses are faced with a supply and demand challenge.  In the meantime, work piles up, budgets become slim and the first thing to go is the marketing line on the P&L, making it even harder to hire a qualified strategic leader.

Coming in at the highest turnover rate of any job function, 17% (?!), Marketing Directors are at a premium, and keeping them for the long term is even more of a challenge.  You need to be able to hire the right person for the job, but with the mounting work and no one to do it, you as a company are forced into a situation that you must hire someone to fill a hole – even if they are not the right candidate.

This is where “fractional” marketing comes into play.  Whether it is to fill a hole while you search for that next great candidate, or because you simply don’t need someone at that level as an FTE, a fractional resource can help ease the pain.  They can help close the gap and keep things running “business as usual” allowing you the time and space to find that true candidate.  They can also be a longer-term solution acting as your marketing agent for a fraction of the time and typical cost of a full-time associate, but with all the knowledge, prowess and dedication you need in a strategic thinker.

And now you know my raison d’etre.  True Colors Strategy exists to serve its clients on their time, in their budgets.  Why shouldn’t you have access to all the knowledge and strategy of an industry experienced individual, without having to dedicate a huge amount of resources (and overhead) towards it?

As you and your fellow industry leaders consider how you are going to evolve your hiring thinking in 2022 – and get that strategic planning accomplished alongside it – remember that there are ways to pivot and think outside the box for a solution; and fractional marketing may be your answer.

Stay tuned for more from TCS next month!

Sarah Heximer, Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

True Colors Strategy